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Professional garage door installation in Wantage, Sparta, NJ & Middletown, NY

It can be stressful to deal with a broken garage door. You may not even know if it's one component that needs replacing or the entire setup. With the right crew to help you out, you can find the problem and solve it fast.

Dimension Overhead Doors, LLC of Wantag, Sparta, NJ and Middletown, NY is your go-to team for any issue you have with your garage doors. Our local, trusted company treats your home like it's our own and responds to service requests as fast as possible.

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The 3 warning signs of a failing garage door

The 3 warning signs of a failing garage door

Is your Wantage, Sparta, NJ or Middletown, NY home in need of new garage door installation? Check for these tell-tale signs of an impending problem:

  1. Your garage door doesn't open or close quickly anymore
  2. Your garage door makes loud noises when opening and closing
  3. Your garage door shakes and rattles more than it used to when in operation






These are all clues that it's time for a motor swap or full garage door replacement. Call 973-418-7278 now and get your garage back to fully functional status.